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Mac users it is getting annoying more and more hearing you speak of how much faster your computers are than Pcs. I remember that when Mac users had there G4s they were saying that their G4s were faster than a Pc and know they have to take it back. You know what is worst, Mac users claimed that their G5s were better and now they have had to learn the hard way that Pc users were not just blabing there mouth away. If you watch and read everything on this page you will see why Pcs are better than Macs and how the new Intel Macs are just Pcs with a ugly name. If you chose to ignore the facts that is your choice, but in the end your money is being wasted.

Apple's new Mac Mini

This is a piece of Macworld and this is what Steve Jobs is basicly saying "The G4 and everything else we created sucks compared to this new product called a Pc, come and buy a Pc made by Apple."

This is a old video of Steve Jobs. He is saying basicly that mac is not faster than PC it just looks better. Thats amazing so that means the looks are everything. Let me say that people can get inspiration from other people nothing is wrong with that, its not like Windows claims that all its designs are original, and they are trust me. If it is all about beauty then Windows wins anyway because the looks are more customizable and because you can get the Mac OS interface for free and besides that you can get other looks that are totally unique.

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