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Mac vs. Windows

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Mac vs. Windows


I am not going to lie to anyone and say that windows does not have its share of problems, but what I am going to say is that Mac does also and every Mac user should admit that. The Mac in my opinion is a lier. If I told you that Windows has no flaws then I would be lying, but it does not matter, Mac lies all the time to its consumers AKA fans. Mac claimed that it has no viruses or at least its fans did?

What can I say, are Mac fans ready to pay the price for there mistakes or are they going to pay there way out?

Here is A overview of both operating systems. This shows the ups and downs of both the operating systems.


Microsoft Windows:
This is the home version that comes on almost every laptop that is produced. There happens to be upgrades from Home to Profesional and so on.


Its cost is $69.99 in local stores such as Best Buy or $75.00 over internet.

It operates 90% of all computers.

Windows Xp has the largest amount of software for a operating system (also the prices are much cheaper and has a huge range of freeware).

Windows Xp is a very free operating system its very costumizable. It is very easy to use.


Since Windows Xp is very free with the operating system it is very easy to get a virus, but if you get a very good virus protection you are safe from them to a extent(I have Windows Xp Home I have no viruses and I have only encountered a virus twice and because of my Virus protection it had no effect).

Windows Xp tends to need more than 228mb ram (I recomend from 512mb-1gig ram to have a smooth semi crash free system).

For Price Check Click


Mac OS (Classical and X):

This version Cost about $129 dollars and you get Classic and X. The operating system is not open source. You get the basic amount of software.

You get the prestigue for paying so much for the OS.

You get a nice GUI (I actually mean that, but you can get the same gui free for your PC).


You pay too much.

You don't have a wide range of software to show off windows has 90% more.

Your computer crashes as often as nay OS and you get everyone once in a while powerful viruses.

Macs also use alot of Ram they consume alot of power.

Buy your self extra Ram if you plan to use you Mac A lot.

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