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Revealing the enemy.

There is one website on the web that has barely gotten any attention, but it dares to attack the facts with a mixture of truth overlayed with lies. This website on the little pages it has, pulls so many lies it is unbelieveable. So will attack full out with some facts.

Page 1


"We've had enough."

Yes You Have Had Enough.

"Welcome to iTruth."

Yes I will tell the truth.

"We have had enough." Ok I don't really care.

"We love Macs, and we switch to them for a reason."

Lol Thats a small amount of people who switch to Mac. 90% of the people on the world have windows pcs.

"But unfortunately, some people want to ruin it, so they will stop at nothing to do exactly that."

What have we ruined for you, oh yes we have told the truth about Mac Os I understand. We have showed the lies behind the Apple.

"There have been sites that make very little sense and claim to possess "The Unbreakable Facts"." This website makes sense to anyone who knows how to use a computer. "We're here to prove them wrong, and keep the Mac strong." So by saying that the Mac is threatoned. If the Mac had nothing to lose you would not have create3d a website.

"Excuse us for our lack of content, but our site is still under construction."

So not only is this website creating a lie they don't have enough creativity to defend the lie. Wow this is pathetic.

Page 2


"Mac is not safe as people think" - Skeptic

We all know Mac OS X as the secure system. Mac OS X has a signifigantly lower virus count. What do the skeptics say?"


"If there were no viruses/malware in MacOS X, why would we have Antivirus suites for MacOS X?" - Mac Hater"

First of I am correct with that no one wastes millions of dollars and hours making a virus protection suite on a Os that does not need it. Thats like me making a meat dish to sell to vegitarians; They are not going to buy it and no one would be stupid enough to make it. Also majority of these anti virus suites were made because of the flaws in the early 9.0 and latter flaws.

"Well, there's only one. MACS GET VIRUSES. Yes, we do admit, but the reality is, they fall short of 10 (if not less)." Yes wait until you hear about the undocumented viruses. Also 9.0 that came with tiger has a lot of viruses.

"How many viruses is Windows vulnerable to? By the end of 2005, there were 114,000 known viruses for Windows."

That is true but thats why virus protection is created. Also majority of these viruses people don't get amjority are made by hobbyist. Also if 90% of the people were on Macs the same problems would be occuring. Also if you think of the kind viruses that Mac Os gets for such a small Os it is unbelievable. Also I have tested windows home without virus protection its al about what you download. Just like with the Mac you don't go downloading something that seems supicous.

"In March 2006 alone, there were 850 new threats detected against Windows. Zero for Mac."

When Mac Os switched to intel there were around 20 threats now think if Mac Os became microsoft how many threats that would have been. A lot more. Also there are hackers that are speaking about threats know one has heard of yet.

Now let's go to the Kernel. What the heck is the kernel and why is it important?

"The Kernel is the core of an operating system. It is the most important component of an OS. Without it, the OS would be just a collection of binaries. Why is it important? The kernel has vulnerabilities. Mac OS X is based on the Darwin kernel, the super-secure kernel that uses a BSD based license. Windows 2000 and XP uses the NT kernel. The NT kernel has been proven for it's solid stability, but it's based off of EULA. What is the difference and why does it matter? Apple's BSD license gives you the freedom to modify and recompile the kernel as much as you like (Don't believe me? Check for the kernel source releases). You can patch it to keep your Mac safer or more stable. You can even patch up the kernel to reduce kernel panics (critical errors in the kernel). Microsoft's NT kernel, however, doesn't. If there's a new virus that targets the NT kernel, just sit back and wait for Microsoft to patch it up. There's nothing more you can do."

Man I think you need to update your website Mac Os is no longer open source ever since they switched to x86 Archytecture. Also how many normal computer users know how to patch the kernal not very many. Thats why the company that owns the Os should patch the kernal. Also if you want to patch the kernal you have a huge risk of messing up your Os. I who think its cool to patch a kernal say if you want to do that kind of thing go to a Os that is 100% open Source such as a linux distro or a open source Dos Distro.

"Mac OS X is also based off of UNIX, a super-stable operating system that has proven the reliability over the decades."

Mac Os is based off Unix but the Os does not stay true to its origin. Also Mac Os in it self is not as stable as windows even though it is Unix based.

"UNIX-based systems, such as Linux, Solaris, The BSD Family, and Mac OS X have powered many company infrastructures and servers, and they run UNIX for a reason."

What this guy just said is a lie. Mac Os does not power many servers. The truth is the top servers for the bussiness world is Windows and Linux. When you open a server majority of the companies do not use Mac Os. Windows and Linux are in friendly competition to control the market. If you do the research you will find out. It is true though that linux runs more servers than Windows all together but there are way way more windows servers than mac servers.

"UNIX is more secure than Windows, and has it's community to keep it secure."

Thats true.

"What about trojan horses for Mac OS X? There are some of those nasties crawling around (*ugh*), but they require you to run them as root (the super admin of a UNIX system), which few people do, therefore, why write one of those, when you can write one for Windows? I feel sorry for you because there is a large underground community writing viruses spyware malware and trojans. Also so many people run super admin. you have to know not to do that.

"Most of the people run their account as Administrator on Windows XP by default (and there is no way to take every account off of the administrator position. You HAVE to have at least ONE account as admin, so...), therefore, there's little limits to what they can do to your system. When your account is the Administrator in Windows XP, you are simply telling them to "Come on in! Make yourself at home!". The problem is, most people aren't aware that their account is an Administrator type. Why? Because Microsoft doesn't tell them!"

Thats not true when you install windows xp it gives people the option to make your main account asside from your administrator account. Also your the one who was talking about normal people who have no want or time to learn the computer patching a kernal.

"To find out that running as an Administrator-type account on Windows XP is dangerous for your system, you have to go up on the web, search google, go to that site, and search their site, and so, and so on. But on Mac OS X, you are not exposing your system as much as Windows by default. You are protected from most trojans."

That is true windows should automatically give you separate

Let's take a look at Windows virus news, shall we?

All sources from CNET:

CNET Security Center (Notice how all the virus-spyware news is Windows-related? There is only a 1% that a Mac virus will pop-up.)

"Viruses & Security alerts forum (If you'll notice "W32" or "Win32" in the virus' name, that stands for Windows 32-Bit, meaning the virus was specifically designed for Windows. Spot and see how many Windows viruses are on the list. Just about... all of them.)"

Your right that Windows has more viruses than any other Os, but tell me which Os is used most in the and you know it Windows and that is because Windows is the most user friendly and fits the needs of anyone knows how to use it. If Windows was so bad everyone would be on Mac Os, but you know what Windows is not as bad as you claim.

Page 3


"Mac is as bad as Windows ME-- Take a look at these shots!!!" - Mac hater"

Thats so childish calling people Mac Hater when you are a windows hater.

"Mac haters are always trying to find ways to get people off of the Mac. One of the first things that they try to do is provide images without a detailed descrption of what's actually going on. Let's see what they show and what they say"

"Exibhit 1 Mac app crashes

"See this? Mac OS X has as much crashes as Windows! One reason to get off!!!" - Mac Hater"

No one said get of your mac you obviously you know that what u are trying to disprove is true. This guy is given reason to get of your Mac.

"Our Response: Yeah, yeah. Has as much crashes? Whatever. What were the specs of this machine? Hopefully this is not a low-end G3 we're talking about here. Notice how in the applications includes Internet Explorer, by Microsoft."
First of if you want the specs on that machine here you go

1.4 GHZ Powermac G4
1gig Ram

Whats up with hating on windows Explorer Mac Os Makes Faulty software too.
Quicktime Movie Player and Itunes these are all bad programs that have come onto the NT platform.

Page 4


"Ask an IT Pro if Microsoft is a leader in innovation, and they will laugh at you. Microsoft has a long history of not being able to be original, taking off of other's ideas, and getting filthy rich off of them."

Who cares what that It pro says, no matter what he says he can't denie that windows is more customizable than Mac Os. Windows has millions of screen customization even that replicate the look of Mac Os and they are free, so that kills what you said and also windows looks nothing like Mac Os.

"One example, is Windows Vista, the next version of Windows. Here are three videos, dubbed "The Real Windows Vista" (credits to Eden for these :) ) showing how the supposedly "new" features in Windows Vista have been in Mac OS X for years now. The audio is from a Microsoft Employee demoing the upcoming Windows Vista The Consumer Entertainment Show 2006 (which took place on January 4th, 2006), and the video content is Mac OS X doing exactly the same thing."
First of all these efects can be used on any Os. Mac Os does not own any specific features. Any feature should be used on any Os if it makes it look better and work better etc but if you don't believe that apple should get rid of the built in camera because they were not the ones who invented it. They ripped it from the voodoo Laptop. Do some research apple does inovation stealing also and enovation stealing with hardware and that is sad.

"Most of Windows Vista's "new" features are ripoffs of Mac OS X's existing features. You don't have to wait until 2007 for them, since you can get them now on the Mac."
Why go out and bye your self 1000 pc when you can get a freeware program that gives you all those benefits of vista and Mac Os as freeware. Look in downloads section and you can get the sexy windows Vista Gui.

Page 5


"Debunking some of the biggest reasons you can't go to Macs
We're sure most of you have some reasons to stay away from Macs. People tell you "Macs have no games, they only have one button". They were right, but times have changed. It's debunkin' time!"

Times have changed but not that much. So go ahead and get yourself in more trouble

"1. Macs have no games.

No one said Macs have no games, people say Macs don't have many games. If they had all the games and speed for the games gaming stores would switch to apple. Also game programers would be making all the games on Macs not Windows. Tell me if you know any famous gamers who play using Macs. When there is I will be the first onee to know.

Pure nonsense. In fact, some of the most popular games are on the Mac.

Call of Duty 2
Quake 2
Quake 4
World of Warcraft
Return To Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory
The Sims 2
Age of Empires II: Gold Edition
SimCity 4 Deluxe
4x4 Evo 2
Battlefield 1942: Deluxe Edition
Doom 3
Ranbow Six 3: Raven Shield

And those are just some. Apple even has their own dedicated Games page. Would they do this if they had "little to no" games?

This is a small list compared to all the games on Pcs. Also I can tell you know very little about gaming because you didn't name any of the games you can't get for Mac. Also its sad you put Age of Empires 2 when Age of Empires 3 is already on Windows. Go to the games section of my website and scroll down to the end of the page and click on that link you see what your missing on a Mac. Take a look at that list and those are games for 2006 and you will understand why Mac Users are missing out.

"2. Macs only have ONE BUTTON!
It seems like people don't read their tech news enough. Introducing the Mighty Mouse. Four mouse buttons (plus the mouse ball on the top). Two on the top, two on the sides, and One as the mouse ball."

"I think that was enough."

Its about time thats all I have to say. Also Mac laptops only have one button and that is sad.

"3. Macs don't have any Applications.
Just take a look at all of these Apps you can get your hands on!"
Whats up with there guys what is on that apple site is nothing compared to what Windows has.

Go to
Thats 1 of millions of websites with software for Windows.
Also Windows has more freeware than any other Os Combined. 90% of the programs in the world are made for windows.

Created by Imachate

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