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Many Mac fans will probably skip this part of the website, if they even get this far because it shows the comedy of the Mac vs Windows situation, but what can I say. Mac users this video section can be can be offensive to you but if you watch these videos go to the Reader's Commentary and comment.

Featured videos.

1. Dave Chapel Getting at Mac so funny.

2. This man is very comedic with the way he says his information.

3.This Movie is about Steve Jobs Killing the Apple and Creating a PC, it extremely funny.

4. This extremely funny just trust me.( It has cursing so if you have something against cursing do not watch).

5. Why would people not notice a man in black, dancing inside a apple store and stealing a expensive Ipod.

6. Two words: Will Ferrell. Definition of the word "funny"

7. Porn Mania this guy is the true meaning retarted and horny combined.

8. Acting like a computer noob.

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