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I Mac Hate

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Many people will be outraged at the facts on this website, but they are the facts and they can't be changed. Many Mac fans will learn something old, but for the rest of us we will find out the dark secrets of the Apple.

Feel free to try and disprove my facts it will be hard and will take a little manipulation of the facts. Post in readers comments so I can know what you think.

The four steps to being a foolish person:


1. Hate the facts.
2. Reject knowledge.
3. Look beyond the facts.
4. Believe everything people tell you.

Since people are afraid of the truth there is a big tendency for them to make up a lie to feel better. Many Mac fans will say that this website is biased, its true, but regardless of that fact I don't have the time to make up lies and remember them. The only thing you should blame me for is telling the truth.

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